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Ethics Committee

To reach the Compliance Ethics Line please call:  800-620-1438 

What is it?

The Ethics Committee has been authorized by the Board of Trustees to assist in solving problems of an ethical or moral nature and to address patient grievances which may arise at VCU Community Memorial Hospital.

Who is it?

The committee is composed of clergy, attorneys, physicians, nurses, social workers, ethicists, administrators and lay persons. The membership is designed to provide a broad base of experience when considering ethical and grievance issues.

What does Ethics/Bioethics mean?

Ethics means the principles of right conduct, or the way people make decisions and act upon them. Bioethics has to do with the reasoned examination of decisions relating to moral issues being made by health care professionals, their patients and/or the patient’s family in matters of health, life and death.

Who can use the Ethics Committee’s services?

Any patient, family member, physician, other licensed practitioners, or staff person may request a consultation with the Ethics Committee.

How can the Ethics Committee be reached?

Anyone, whether patient, family or staff person wishing to contact the Ethics Committee may do so by dialing the hospital switchboard and asking to speak to the Administrator on call. Patients who wish to begin the grievance process may contact the Department Director or unit supervisor who will assist them in accessing the avenues to refer matters to the Ethics Committee.

What happens next?

The Administrator on call will serve as point of contact for those who wish to have a concern addressed by the Ethics Committee.

Will records be kept?

A summary of consultations will be kept in the Ethics Committee records.

Who will know what happened?

In cases involving a grievance, the patient or their designee will receive a response, either verbal or written, concerning the committee's decision.