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Trauma care, before and after trauma

Our approach to trauma care does not begin at the moment of a traumatic event. We are active in the community with violence and injury prevention programs, and we offer personalized support for victims and patients in the weeks, months and years after a traumatic event.

Our outreach includes supportive services, working hand-in-hand with survivors and their families in their recovery and rehabilitation and directing victims of violence or trauma to communities to help them cope.

Coping with traumatic injury

We offer resources and programs for trauma survivors, their families and friends to support one another after a traumatic event. 

Visit our Trauma Survivors Network web page to learn about our program. We belong to the national Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) organized by the American Trauma Society and hospitals around the country. 

The TSN website offers educational materials, patient stories, Carepages and other resources.

SOAR: Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery

SOAR is a national program that offers in-hospital peer support to burn survivors, creating a tailored and effective approach to recovery starting at the moment of injury.  We know that the sooner burn survivors connect to resources and caring people, the sooner they can get back to living.

Our Evans-Haynes team can connect you with one-on-one peer support from SOAR. We also can help you tap into the organization’s deep resources, including an annual Burn Congress that is the nation’s largest gathering of the burn community, a weekly moderated discussion group, and much more.

See our patient resources for burn patients and their families

Learn about our burn program