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Visitors are important

Visiting the hospital is a time for family and friends to visit loved ones, ask questions, and meet with staff. Comforting visits from friends and family help patients to heal, and are a good time to begin learning how to take care of the patient once at home, or cope with life-changing events. Visits are often limited for patients with brain injuries because they need quiet to recover. 

We are here to help

Feel free to ask for help finding a patient room, department, etc. All of our employees, doctors and volunteers wear ID badges.

Family Waiting Rooms

Family waiting rooms are available in all of the ICUs as well as a surgical waiting area to provide you with a place to sit. In addition, there is a waiting area across from the Three Bears Gift Shop on the first floor of the Critical Care Hospital. There is also a chapel located on the second floor of Main Hospital.

Please remember that you share waiting rooms with other patients’ family members and friends. People can feel on edge, so extra courtesy is always welcome.