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After the hospital

Many people need specialized care after they leave the hospital. This can include:

  • Special equipment
  • Nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

A care coordinator or social worker will work with you to make a plan. They may talk with your insurance company to see what it will pay. They can also help you arrange for care. If you do not have health insurance, the social worker or financial counselor can help find out where you can apply for assistance. 

Levels of care in the community

Each person, injury and path to recovery is different. Your trauma team will work with you to ensure that you receive the best care at the time of discharge. Your social worker or care coordinator will help you find the care you need. They will take into account your insurance and your ability to pay. 

The levels of care are:

Rehabilitation hospital

People who can do three hours or more of therapy each day may be able to go to an acute rehabilitation hospital. Patients have freedom of choice when deciding upon a rehabilitation hospital. VCU Medical Center has a rehabilitation unit on site. Your physician will decide if this will be the best care for you when you are ready for rehabilitation. 

Skilled nursing facility

People who are not well enough to do three hours of therapy each day but who still need therapy may benefit from a short stay at a skilled nursing facility. Such care is available at many local nursing homes and can be arranged by your care coordinator. 

Home care

Some people can live at home with nurses and therapists coming to them. The care coordinator will arrange for these types of services. They can also give you the name and phone number of a home health agency. 

Outpatient care

People who are able to go out of their home for therapy will be given a doctor’s order for outpatient care. This order is needed make your own appointments. The care coordinator or social worker can give you information about VCU Health rehabilitation therapy and coordinate local care. For those from out of the area, we work to get care in your home town.

Home with no home care

Many people do not need home care from a nurse or therapist. They are discharged to the care of family. The trauma doctor may tell you to come back to see him or her or to see your own doctor after you are discharged. You will need to make your own appointments with the physician’s office.