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Kidney Spotlights Stories

Two people on a hike

A father’s kidney donation comes from the heart

As a cancer survivor’s kidneys went into decline, VCU Health Hume-Lee Transplant Center helped her father give the gift of a healthier life.

Two women smile as they hug.

Altruistic kidney donor shares story of faith

A stranger’s gift of a lifesaving organ donation fosters a strong new friendship.

Images Two men in suits standing in front of the VCU Health sign

Longtime VCU coworkers forever linked by living donor kidney transplant

Compassionate colleagues highlight the importance of living organ donations.

Kristin Hamner and Jessica Hardaway

Sisters’ bone marrow procedure decades ago means perfect match for kidney transplant

Rare match means recipient won’t need immunosuppressants.

Dionne and Al Criss

Complex living donor cases possible at Hume-Lee Transplant Center

The Crisses exemplify the difficult cases Hume-Lee will take on.

Two women at a wedding celebrate

The Life of the Wedding Party

An altruistic donor becomes a bridesmaid for kidney recipient, celebrating life and love.

Cameron Drake and his mother

Breaking Records and Saving Lives Through Living Donor Kidney Transplantation

After receiving the record-breaking 162nd kidney transplant for Hume-Lee Transplant Center in 2018, Cameron Drake, age 25, gained a new lease on life and even deeper connection to his mother, who was his living donor. 

Carinealius "Tyrees" Dandridge

1 Kidney Transplant, 1 Heart Transplant, 1 Rare Operation

Carlnealius “Tyrees” Dandridge successfully received an exceptional double transplant during a single operation to replace his failing heart and kidneys. 

Jasmine and Lionell Lewis

A Family’s Gift of Life Through a Living Donor Kidney Transplant

Since the age of 13, Lionel Lewis knew he would need a kidney transplant one day, but he didn’t know that his wife would be the one to save his life through living donation.

A New Perspective

Lori Wyatt, the mother of an organ donor experiences transplantation as a grateful recipient.

A Family Affair

A speedy kidney match gives Gail Farmer the chance to continue enjoying family outings.