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Pancreas Transplant

The Hume-Lee Transplant Center extended its dedication to the field of transplantation in 1993 by offering combined kidney and pancreas transplants to Type I diabetics with end-stage renal disease.

To date, more than 180 patients have received this life-enhancing organ with patient and graft survival rates consistent with expected national rates.

Patients benefit from pancreas transplants by becoming independent from insulin injections. Just like a kidney transplant is not a cure for end-stage renal disease, a pancreas transplant is not a cure for diabetes. It is a treatment option that many diabetics find to be a better alternative than treating their diabetes with daily insulin injections.

The pancreas transplant program offers:

  • Combined kidney and pancreas transplants (both organs from a deceased donor)
  • Pancreas-after-kidney transplants
  • Islet cell transplantation