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Living Donation

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Living donation was adopted in the U.S. due to the national shortage of organs. The VCU Health Hume-Lee Transplant Center has become a world leader in pioneering living donor organ donations.

Living donation is the transferring of an organ from a living person to someone in need of a transplant. It truly is a heroic act that gives the greatest gift possible — the gift of life. The donor is usually a close family member such as a parent, child, brother or sister. It can also be a more distant family member, spouse, friend or a good Samaritan.

Donating an organ to a loved one in need can be a very positive experience for the donor.

Learn about Living Liver Donation

Learn about Living Kidney Donation

Why Choose Hume-Lee Transplant Center

  • The VCU Health Hume-Lee Transplant Center is one of the nation's leading transplant programs.
  • Pioneering living donor organ donation program
  • Top-tier transplant physicians and surgeons
  • Award-winning transplant nursing staff

The donor will be responsible for lost wages due to time off of work, travel expenses to and from the transplant center and follow-up care. Some employers may allow this time to be taken as sick leave.

Notifying Family and Friends

You must have a caregiver identified in order to proceed with living donation. Some living donors prefer to remain anonymous; however, your significant other should be included on your decision to donate.

Learn more about this process by calling (804) 828-4104 and ask to speak to one of our living donor coordinators.

One Family's Story of Living Donation

Learn how one sister's gift to another changed this family forever.


Learn More About Becoming a Living Donor

Our experts developed this guide to help you learn more about the living donor experience. We answer common questions and more.

Download Our Guide

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