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Pauley Society

Pauley Society Members
Photo credit: Chris Ijams, CSI Studios LLC

Bringing together like-minded donors, the Pauley Society works to raise awareness and support for the Pauley Heart Center and fund scientific discovery.

Established in 2020 by the Pauley Advisory Board, the Pauley Society unites donors who believe in our mission to improve cardiovascular care for all. It provides the Pauley Heart Center with a reliable base of support to ensure the continuation of excellence in patient care, research and education.

Why Join the Pauley Society

When you make an annual gift of $1,000 or more to the Pauley Heart Center unrestricted fund during any fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30, you will receive the following:

  • Receipt of biannual newsletter "The Beat" and bimonthly email newsletter "The Rhythm"
  • Recognition on the Pauley website
  • Access to exclusive webinars featuring renowned Pauley faculty
  • Periodic updates from Pauley on the latest research
  • Invitation to intimate events hosted by Advisory Board members

How Your Gift Helps

Your gifts sustain our efforts to advance patient care in our community, forge ahead with groundbreaking research and educate the next generation of healthcare providers. Pauley Society funds provide unrestricted support to areas with the highest need and educational efforts in the community. With your gift, you will join a community of Pauley’s closest friends and supporters, all of whom have a passion for saving lives and improving cardiovascular care for all.

Join Today

Donate Now

If you are interested in joining the Pauley Society, please visit the Pauley giving page or contact Sarah Neely at (804) 628-8908 or sarah.neely@vcuhealth.org

2023 Pauley Society Impact Report

The generosity of Pauley Society donors has made it possible for Pauley to become a national leader in cardiovascular research, education, and clinical care. The Pauley Heart Center is the #1 hospital in Virginia for heart health care according to US News and World Report, and that is in large part thanks to the steadfast support of our donors. Read more about how the Pauley Society and the philanthropy of its members made an impact during our most recent fiscal year.

Read the 2023 Impact Report

Thank You to Our Pauley Society Donors

Together we can fight heart disease and save lives.

  • Shirley C. Aceto
  • Tracey D. and James D. Allred
  • Betsy C. Anderson
  • Pauline R. and Robert E. Anderson III
  • Anonymous
  • Chrissa Arcan and Fotis Sotiropoulos
  • Linda and Ken J. Aspinall
  • Viola and Archer L. Baskerville
  • Beverly E.and John W. Bates III
  • Julie W. Baxter and Paul A. Dresser Jr.
  • Donald C. Beck
  • Nancy R. and Scott W. Belleman
  • Page P. and Henry H. Berling
  • Hem L. Bhardwaj
  • W. Kenneth Blaylock
  • Anne K. and Roger L. Boevé
  • Wendy J. Bottinor
  • Hazel P. and Robert A. Braxton
  • Carrington P. and Trigg Brown Jr.
  • Terry E. Buntrock
  • Richard H. Burton and Michael R. Shebelskie
  • Louise F. and Robert C. Canfield
  • T.J and Thomas Cardwell III
  • Susan C. Cedillo
  • Charles G. Thalhimer Charitable Trust
  • L. Glenn Christie
  • Sally A. and Joseph T. Cipolla
  • Frances L. and S. Henry Clemo
  • Judith B. Collins and Joseph M. Teefey
  • Marlene E. and Rollin Collins
  • Leslie M. and John R. Congdon Jr
  • Christy B. and David E. Cottrell
  • Berenice D.Craigie
  • Virginia L. and Page D. Crawford
  • Ginny and Charles F. Crone
  • Gloria T. Cropp
  • Julia and John R. Curtis Jr.
  • Birgette Danielsen and Jayanthi Koneru
  • Bethany L. Denlinger and Leonard C. Moses
  • Falguni P. and Pratik V. Desai
  • Susan B. Dickler
  • Mary Spratley Doss
  • Keith and Charles Dubois
  • Stanley and Patricia Ecton
  • Elizabeth Flowers McDuffie Memorial Fund
  • Darlene B. and George P. Emerson Jr.
  • Hilda and Gordon Fletcher Jr.
  • Cary Williams Fountain
  • Jessica B. and Zachary M. Gertz
  • Susan A. and L. Michael Gracik
  • Karol K. and Michael D. Gray
  • Lee Griffin
  • Sabine and Mitchell F. Haddon
  • Marilynn B. and Wentworth V. Harned
  • Terrell L. and Elliott M. Harrigan
  • Dorothy D. and Harold W. Healy
  • Annie-Bettie and Hubert B. Herren Jr.
  • Margaret P. and Robert W. Hershberger
  • Libby L. and R. Kenneth Heskett
  • Martha Jean and George E. Howell
  • Alyssa G. and Jose F. Huizar
  • Jessica and Justin P. Jannuzzi
  • Barbara S. and Nelson R. Jantzen Jr
  • Gail W. and R. Earl Johnson
  • Mathew K. Joseph
  • Jane T. Kaplan
  • Kathryn and W. Harry Schwarzschild Fund
  • Christin and Samuel F. Kettering
  • Christopher A. King
  • Marie A. and Francis P. Kneuttel
  • Eleanor A. and Bruce H. Knowles
  • Rakesh Kukreja
  • Amy C. Ladd
  • Barbara D. Lawson
  • Judith B. and John B. Levy
  • Anne B. Lewis
  • Sharon M. and Frederick C. Maloney
  • Anna B. Martin
  • Marla and Bill McAllister
  • Jill M. and Bruce E. Mercier
  • Angela D. Middleton and Ryan Mitchell
  • Kathryn and William M. Miles
  • Carrie R. M. and Samuel Miller
  • Laxmi B. and Pramod K. Mohanty
  • Dawn F. and Rock Mullenax
  • Nicky and Naveed A. Naz
  • Jacob P. Neathawk Jr
  • Deborah L. Nelson and Edward J. Lesnefsky
  • Wayne D. Old
  • Sharon M. and Robert L. O'Neill
  • Elizabeth P. and S. Marshall Orr
  • Sandra M. and Gilbert Patrick
  • Pauley Family Foundation
  • Martha S. Pellington
  • Zenobia J. and Napoleon L. Peoples
  • Cameron B. Place
  • Patricia W. Plaisted
  • Cicely M. and Kenneth E. Powell
  • Vincent P.B. Radley
  • Sheila C. and Gary J. Renaldo
  • Susan V. and Randolph N. Reynolds Sr.
  • Anne T. and Donald W. Richardson
  • Suzanne G. and Allan A. Rikkola
  • Lusene and Fadi N. Salloum
  • Teresa N. and Donald P. Sanders
  • Mareke and Heinz O.P. Schiller
  • Gail P. Schwartz and John Jay Schwartz, 1st Ultimate Ram
  • Shirley T. and John R. Seibert
  • Wilma R. and Mark B. Sharp
  • Faith C. and Len D. Shartzer
  • Richard K. Shepard
  • Elizabeth K. Simpson
  • Abbie and Pierce S. Sioussat
  • Terry and Frank Sisto
  • Mary Ann and Richard A. Sleece
  • Ellen E. Spong and Augustus C. Epps
  • I. Norman Sporn
  • Virginia H. Sprately
  • Claudia A. and Wilson B. Sprenkle
  • Sherryn K. Stauffer and Kenneth C. Blaisdell
  • Leila C. Taafe and Arthur Kellermann
  • Imogene H. and F. Roger Thaler
  • Jennifer L. and Paul W. Timmreck
  • John C. Tinsley
  • Lois E. and Eugene P. Trani
  • Michele and Jeremy S. Turlington
  • Barbara B. and James E. Ukrop
  • Kimberly M. and Dale Van Eck
  • Mary E. and George W. Vetrovec
  • Elizabeth B. Vetrovec and David E. Smith
  • Barbara H. Vick
  • Ed Villanueva
  • Carol K. and Frederick P. Walker Jr.
  • J. R. Webb
  • E. Jennifer Weil and Marc D. Thames
  • Charles and Nancy Wheeler
  • Marie and James A. White
  • Anne Marie Whittemore
  • Jill and Sandy Wiggins
  • Williams Mullen Foundation
  • Diane L. and Murray H. Wright

Meet the Pauley Society Advisory Board

2022 Pauley Advisory Board Members
  • Mitch Haddon - Chair
  • Roger Boevé - Immediate Past Chair
  • Nancy Belleman
  • Henry Berling
  • Ken Blaisdell
  • Jane Garnet Brown
  • Richard Burton
  • John Congdon
  • Trevor Cox
  • Ginny Crone
  • Katharine Hickok
  • Maria Jankowski
  • Samuel F. Kettering
  • William McAllister 
  • Marshall Orr
  • Napoleon Peoples
  • Kenneth E. Powell
  • George Vetrovec
  • Ed Villanueva
  • James White
  • Jennifer Wicker