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The VCU Neuromuscular and ALS Clinics

The Neuromuscular and ALS Clinics at the VCU Medical Center offer comprehensive diagnostic, consultative, and therapeutic services to patients with neuromuscular disease. In addition to highly specialized medical and nursing care, the multidisciplinary services provided at each visit include physical and respiratory therapies, nutrition, social support,  DME evaluations, and palliative care.

The clinics also supports an AANEM accredited electrodiagnostic laboratory which includes EMG/NCS testing, chemodenervation, and testing for small fiber neuropathy.

This clinic will not only provide state of the art comprehensive medical care, but is actively involved in clinical research to help develop new treatment options.

For those diagnosed with certain neuromuscular diseases, we also offer many other services including assistance with the repair of wheelchairs or leg braces; flu shots; a summer camping program for children ages 6-17; and educational seminars and support groups for both patients and families.

Find out more information about the Division of Neuromuscular Medicine.

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