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Going Home and Living with a New Heart

Once you are ready to go home, you will be given a schedule telling you when you have your next appointments at VCU Pauley Heart Center. Your clinic visits will be weekly at first but will decrease in the number of visits as you continue to improve.

You will be asked to monitor your blood pressure, weight, temperature and pulse and to record this information in a diary. You also will need to record in your diary all your medications and when you take them.

Many heart recipients return to work within several months after their transplant. When you return to work depends on how you feel and the type of work you will be doing.  Our transplant team of doctors, nurses and social workers can help you decide if and when you can return to work.

Issues surrounding your insurance, including coverage for medications, co-payments and applying for a new insurance policy with a new employer can be confusing. Our financial coordinator and social worker will discuss your insurance coverage with you, as well hospital billing and other financial concerns you may have.

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