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Valve Repair and Replacement

Our heart surgeons have extensive experience in heart valve repair and heart valve replacement surgery, performing more than 200 heart valve operations annually. Most often, heart valve surgery is indicated for patients with either or both of the two most common types of valve diseases. They are valvular stenosis, which results when a heart valve does not open fully, and heart valve regurgitation, which occurs when a valve does not close completely. Both disorders can cause the heart to work harder, which in turn can result in weakening of the heart and inadequate blood circulation to the rest of the body. Left untreated, heart valve disease can diminish a person’s quality of life and lead to serious and even life threatening conditions.

We offer a variety of surgical techniques to repair or replace heart valves, which may be combined with other surgical procedures such as bypass surgery, atrial fibrillation surgery and thoracic aortic surgery. Surgeries include both minimally invasive and conventional open-heart approaches, and valve replacement types may be either biological or mechanical.  The type of valve disease surgery that we recommend depends on factors such as the type of valve disease, severity of the disease, medical history and age of the individual patient.