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Visitor Badges for Critical Care Hospital

Beginning Monday, February 10, 2020 late-night visitors to Critical Care Hospital will need to wear a visitor badge. The badge must be worn between the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., every day.

Where to get a visitor badge

Go to the ground floor registration desk at Critical Care Hospital.

What is needed to get a visitor badge

Be prepared to show a photo ID or driver’s license to receive your badge. If you don’t have a photo ID, you must consent to having your photo taken to gain entry. If you do not consent, you will not be allowed to enter.

More important information

  • If you have been on-site with a patient since before 10 p.m., you do not need to return to the registration desk to get a badge.
  • When leaving, you do not need to return your badge. Visitor badges will automatically sign you out at 7 a.m.

The visitor badges are part of a pilot project designed to enhance patient, visitor and staff security. The project is expected to last 3 to 5 months. After that time, the project will be evaluated and a decision made as to whether to continue with the badges.