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Visitor Information

We believe the support of family and friends is important to healing while patients are in the hospital. Visitors who arrive between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. are asked to check in at the security desk at the Gateway Building or Critical Care Hospital.

COVID-19 Visitor Updates

Security Escort Service

VCU Security Escort Service provides inter-campus and intra-campus escorts to ensure safe arrival to your campus destination. This service is provided free of charge to any location on the MCV Campus from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Patients and visitors are encouraged to call the Security Escort Service whenever the need arises. To request an escort, please call (804) 828-WALK.

Our commitment to a drug-free campus: What to know ahead of your next appointment

We believe it is in the best interest of our patients, visitors and the community to remain a smoke-free, firearm-free and drug-free campus.

While it is now legal in Virginia for people 21 and older to have small amounts of marijuana for personal use, marijuana remains an illegal substance under federal law.

Since our health system follows federal guidelines pertaining to marijuana, many of our VCU Health policies remain the same.

What this means for patients and visitors:

  • We do not allow the possession or consumption of any amount of marijuana in any VCU Health-owned, operated or leased facility or on our campuses.
  • Please do not bring any amount of marijuana to an appointment or when visiting a loved one.
  • We will ask any patient or visitor found to be in possession of any amount of marijuana or using marijuana while on our premises to remove the substance from our facility and campus setting right away or it will be confiscated and held securely for thirty days before being destroyed.
  • Consuming marijuana in public or offering it to people in public, as a gift or otherwise, is illegal under the law.