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Our Councils

Together, we are UNstoppable. 

VCU Health Inpatient PFAC

Patient and family advisors in our Inpatient PFAC provide their unique perspectives which have been developed by first-hand experience in our hospital. Their input helps to point out the Health System's strengths and weaknesses to find areas where we can improve overall patient care.

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU Family Advisory Network (CHoR FAN)

Established in 2016, CHoR FAN is comprised of families and team members who are dedicated to improving the delivery of care at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond. The group works with healthcare teams to improve the patient experience and offer the family perspective to workgroups and committees.

Find out more about CHoR FAN.

VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center PFAC

Established in August 2016, the VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center PFAC consists of patients and caregivers who work with VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center healthcare teams to bring forward the voice and experience of the patients, their family members and caregivers to impact and enhance the entire cancer care experience.

Learn more about VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center.

I enjoy being part of the PFAC Massey Cancer team as it serves as the venue for open discussion of what’s working well and what are the challenges experienced by Massey current and former patients. The council is a safe place for patient sharing, including staff members who really hear and do the follow up as needed. Also, I find the staff willing and excited to find new ways to enhance the patient experience as suggested by the members.

Becky - VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center Patient Advisor

Transplant PFAC

The Transplant PFAC consists of patients and family and caregivers who have been through the Transplant process and can provide feedback and perspective on the entire journey from start to finish to help us improve the experience for current and future patients.

Learn more about Hume-Lee Transplant Center.

VCU Ryan White HIV/AIDS Consumer Advisory Board

This PFAC ensures all clinics operate in the best interests of people of all ages, genders, living circumstances and cultures living with HIV/AIDS. Our patients provide a critical and necessary perspective on the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services that are designed to meet their needs.

Learn more about VCU Ryan White HIV/AIDS Consumer Advisory Board.

Community Memorial Hospital PFAC

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital’s Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) was formed in 2018 with our inaugural meeting on October 2, 2018. Our first council had 12 members from our service area of Mecklenburg, Lunenburg and Brunswick counties.

Our PFAC's purpose is:

  • To enrich the partnership between Patients, Families, and Hospital Leadership
  • To empower patients and families to take an active role in improving the patient experience at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital by providing real-time feedback and creative solutions to program development or improvement
  • Provide advice, input, feedback, and ideas to the hospital
  • Generate new program ideas to benefit patients, family members and caregivers
  • Enhance ongoing collaboration and cooperation among clinicians, patients and families
  • Participate in organizational development, planning, and patient experience initiatives

Learn more about VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital. 

VCU Health Ambulatory PFAC

Our Ambulatory PFAC consists of patient and family members as well as some staff liaisons who are familiar with our many outpatient offices including primary care, specialty clinics, rehab services, and more. Their shared knowledge and patient experience is used to keep care patient-centered. This information helps VCU Health to improve quality of care, build relationships between care team and community, and make meaningful improvements to ensure we are meeting patient/family needs.

Become a patient and family advisor

Our advisors meet monthly by Zoom and sometimes in-person onsite. Interested?

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Have an idea on how we can make the patient experience better?

Submit your own good ideas and suggestions for the Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) to consider, by completing and submitting the PFAC Idea Form.