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Price Transparency and Good Faith Estimate

VCU Health is dedicated to providing quality care and charge transparency to help consumers make informed decisions about their health care.  

Request a Good Faith Estimate for Services

Charges are only one component of the cost of your care. The amount you actually owe, or your cost, depends not only on what the hospital or physician charges, but on your individual health plan coverage. Benefits can differ greatly from plan to plan. Your cost is further affected by deductibles and copayments required under your plan. An option to obtain your specific financial responsibility for services would be to contact your insurance plan directly.  

COVID-19 Important Information: There is no patient responsibility for diagnostic COVID-19 testing. At this time, health insurance companies will cover copayments for COVID-19 related virtual visits

Request a Good Faith Estimate by Phone or Online Tool

To assist you in making an educated decision based on your healthcare cost, VCU Health provides estimates by phone or through our online tool. You will be provided an estimate for your specific out-of-pocket costs based on your individual insurance coverage. If you do not have insurance coverage, you may request an estimate as a self-pay patient. Please prepare to have the below information available when obtaining an estimate:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone number
  • Date of scheduled procedure
  • Location
  • Specific service or procedure to be provided
  • Insurance information such as card holder name, date of birth and policy number

Patients will be billed for all actual physician and hospital charges, whether those charges are greater or less than an estimated amount provided. Estimates reflect historical standards and are subject to change at any point. Please understand that in many cases it is impossible to predict the final charges as there may be items or services that cannot be foreseen.

By Phone

Please call (888) 803-2290 to receive an estimate for your specific out-of-pocket hospital and physician costs based on your individual insurance coverage for your upcoming procedure.

By Online Tool

Get an estimate through our online tool to receive your specific out-of-pocket hospital costs based on your individual insurance coverage for your upcoming procedure. For assistance with an estimate or to obtain your physician out of pocket cost you can call (888) 803-2290.

Create a personalized estimate

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