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Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

We offer several bronchoscopy options for diagnosing patients with lung nodules or mediastinal tumors and enlarged lymph nodes.

The Monarch robotic bronchoscopy system offers a state of the art tool to precisely reach lung nodules and perform biopsies with the latest technology.

The Veran navigational bronchoscopy system (SPiN Thoracic Navigation System™ pictured below) is a computer augmented guidance system to steer our instruments precisely to biopsy targets throughout the lung. 

the Veran Medical next generation ENB SPiN Thoracic Navigation System for lung cancer

Endobronchial ultrasound allows real time visualization biopsies of mediastinal lymph nodes or lung masses.  This is often an alternative to more invasive procedures such as mediastinoscopy and is capable of reaching most lymph nodes in the chest cavity.