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Bon Secours and VCU Health Collaboration: Frequently Asked Questions


Are Bon Secours and VCU Health working together?
Yes, VCU Health and Bon Secours are working together for the greater good of the Commonwealth. Despite being competitors, we believe we must work as one to meet the needs and expectations of the communities we serve.

Our combined effort is about improving the health and well-being of patients, ensuring higher quality outcomes, and enhancing access to care. We are our region’s two nonprofit health leaders – one, a faith-based community health system, and the other, a major academic health system – and we share a commitment to lift our community into the future.

Are VCU Health and Bon Secours merging?
No, Bon Secours and VCU Health remain legally and financially independent. Both organizations maintain separate leadership, separate governing boards, and will continue to compete.

What projects are underway in this collaboration?
There are several projects between the two health systems. Here are a few of our current initiatives:

The Westhampton School property. Team members from both organizations have contributed to the design of a new medical office building on the campus of Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital. This facility will offer pediatric outpatient care, and employees from both Bon Secours and VCU Health will work here.

Pediatric palliative care. Effective this year, a VCU Health pediatric palliative medicine physician serves as medical director of Noah’s Children, a palliative and hospice program that is part of Bon Secours.

Maternal fetal medicine and genetic counseling. The Bon Secours Perinatal Center has welcomed VCU Health high-risk pregnancy experts and been renamed the Bon Secours - VCU Health Perinatal Center.

Thoracic care. Bon Secours - VCU Health Thoracic Surgery Associates is a joint thoracic surgery practice established in 2018.

Insurance coverage. Last year, VCU Health System, Bon Secours and Virginia Premier partnered to provide more care options on healthcare.gov.

Housing. VCU Health and Bon Secours are working hand in hand to address housing insecurity by working with community partners, such as Virginia Supportive Housing.

Transit and access. Supporting the GRTC and the new Pulse transit means patients and visitors can more easily travel to, from, and between health systems.

Research. VCU researchers and Bon Secours physicians will share pediatric clinical studies, and expand each organization’s opportunities for learning. A research fair collaboration between VCU Health, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, and Bon Secours will improve access to pediatric clinical studies by bringing the clinical research community together beyond facility boundaries.