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Virginia Poison Center: A trusted resource for 30,000 callers a year

When one of the most venomous snakes in the world, the African pit viper, bit its owner, poison specialists and toxicologists at the Virginia Poison Center had to identify and locate the necessary, lifesaving anti-venom quickly, according to Dr. Ruddy Rose, longtime director of the Virginia Poison Center. Fortunately, Rose’s team acted quickly, ultimately saving the patient’s life. A community resource for residents of central and eastern Virginia since 1958, the Virginia Poison Center is one of only 55 poison centers in the United States. Both health care providers and patients alike rely on the expertise of Dr. Rose and his staff. When anyone in central or eastern Virginia calls (800) 222-1222, a VCU Health provider answers and helps navigate questions about snakebites, chemical exposures or medication overdoses. View story
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