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Nursing Facility Attending Service

Experts managing your rehabilitation

As part of the continuum of geriatric care, VCU Health provides care to patients in several Richmond area nursing homes, in a program that started in 1996.  Patients are referred from VCU Medical Center and in particular many are from our established geriatric care population as part of our commitment to the continuum of care.  Nursing home visits for both scheduled and urgent care are made every weekday and sometimes evenings and weekends, at the discretion of the clinical staff.  

Nursing Home Program Contact Number: (804) 254.3500

VCU Health nursing facility rehabilitation

Most people hope to go straight home from the hospital after surgery or being ill. But even if you and your doctor planned for you to go home, your recovery may require additional time and support. So, you may need to go to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). They provide 24/7 care and manage a variety of medical needs and conditions.

After-hospital care 

For over 20 years, VCU Health has partnered with Richmond area SNFs to provide superior care to patients immediately after they have left one of our hospitals, but need a bit more help. 
Your clinical team includes: 

  • VCU Health Doctors & Nurse Practitioners who will manage your medical care in the nursing facility.
  • VCU Health Nurse Care Manager who will help you and the team coordinate your care and transitions.
  • VCU Health Administrative Staff to coordinate our visits and answer your calls.

Plan ahead

If your surgery or hospitalization is planned, discuss discharge arrangements with your health care providers in the weeks before-hand. If your stay in the hospital was not planned, you or your family should discuss discharge arrangements with your providers as soon as possible during your time in the hospital.

Choose the right facility for you

It is always a good idea to check out different skilled nursing facilities. You or your family should research online, visit facilities in-person and choose where you would feel most comfortable and succeed. Consider location, quality, insurances accepted and services provided for your specific care needs.

Timely treatment

VCU Health’s expert physicians and nurse practitioners make regular rounds and work together with the SNF to get you back home healthy. They are leaders in managing the care of their nursing facility patients —  care that helps you make the most of your rehab stay.

Our partners

SNFs provide short term rehab care for people who are not yet able to care for themselves at home after a hospitalization.

VCU Health nursing facility partnerships

Communication is key

  • In an effort to provide the highest quality care to our patients, VCU Health has established formal partnerships with many local area nursing facilities.
  • We meet regularly, share information and closely study our patients’ outcomes and satisfaction.
  • These efforts are helping us to improve care and processes.
  • Together — we’re creating a better, more reliable health care delivery system for our patients.