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Home Based Primary Care

Home Based Primary Care is the oldest of our clinical programs, originating in 1984. The base of operations is in The Center for Advanced Health Management (CAHM).  Clinical staff members make home visits every weekday during daylight hours to provide both ongoing primary care as well as urgent care for the patients. The House Calls program is best considered a doctor’s office on wheels for people that are too sick to come to clinic. Criteria for enrollment includes accepting our providers for primary care, living within 15 miles from the hospital, being unable to leave home to be seen in clinic without great effort, being adult (no pediatrics currently), and having capacity in the program which is limited by the number of providers. 

The House Calls program has been accredited by The Joint Commission since 1997.  The clinical team in House Calls includes physicians, nurse practitioners, a social worker and geriatric care manager. VCU Health House Calls is proud to have helped create, and now to be participating, in the federal Independence at Home demonstration program.

House Calls Contact Number: (804) 354-8108