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Publications, Presentations and Recognition

Awards and Recognition


  • Presidential Quest Fund Award (Bridging the Gap)
  • Robins Foundation Grant Recipient (Emerging Leaders)


  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance Catalyst Award (Project Empower)
  • National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health (NNED) (IVPP)
  • Governor’s Transportation Safety Award- Impaired Driving (GRACY)


  • Effect of Adapting Hospital based violence intervention program (HVIP) to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • HVIP Collaborative presentations
    • Bon Secours/ MERCY Health System
    • Riverside Regional Medical Center
    • Sentara Careplex
  • Critical call for hospital-based domestic violence (DV) Intervention: the Davis Challenge (WEST Annual Meeting)
  • HVIP Collaborative presentations
    • Riverside Regional
    • Norfolk General
    • Hospital-community based violence prevention (Public Health & Gun Violence Summit for Clinicians)
  • PTSD screening- Timing is everything (EAST Annual Conference)
  • An interdisciplinary approach to domestic violence: A case study review (Rao R. Ivatury Trauma Symposium)
  • Effectiveness of violence intervention for trauma patients: A case study review (Rao R. Ivatury Trauma Symposium)
  • HITS tool: The importance and feasibility of screening patients for intimate partner violence (VCU Emswiller Interprofessional symposium)
  • The role of the trauma center and IVPP in the community (Lewis Ginter Lecture Series)
  • Role of the trauma center in the community (Commission on Youth-Family Impact Seminar at the State Capital)
  • Bridging the gap between clinical care and public health (PTS Presidential Address)
  • How to develop a hospital-community based injury & violence prevention program (PTS annual congress)
  • Youth Violence, Global Crises-local solutions (World Trauma Congress)
  • IVPP youth violence programs (Juvenile Justice Prevention Workgroup)
  • Bridging the Gap (Youth Violence Prevention Consortium, VDH)
  • Pitfalls in injury & violence hospital-based programs (PTS)
  • Injury prevention & the role of the Trauma center (I Jornada Internacional de Trauma de Hospital Samaritano)
  • Pitfalls in Hospital-Community based violence prevention programs (Trauma & Surgical critical care symposium & NNHVIP annual conference)
  • Injury prevention program- how to build (PTS annual congress)
  • Post-traumatic stress symptoms in a violently injured civilian population: A need for hospital identification and resources.
  • VCUHS Trauma Unit’s role in violence prevention (VCU OT/PT Grand Rounds)
  • Injury & Violence Prevention Program- Hospital-based paradigm (VCUMC’s Advanced Practice Provider Council)
  • MCHVH’s Injury & Violence Prevention Program- Highlighting Alcohol Diversion Program (VCUMC Shining Knight Gala)
  • Trauma & Injury & Violence Prevention Program (Cosby High School/ VCU Health Science Exploration course)
  • Get Real Alcohol Choice and Consequences for Youth (VDOT)
  • Intimate Partner Violence Reduction in the Health Care System and the integration of the forensic unit into a multidisciplinary- Evidence based response (IAFN, VA Chapter)
  • Changing attitude toward violence: the effect of brief hospital based interventions (EAST Annual Assembly)
  • University program for injury and violence prevention (International collaboration conference)
  • Bridging the Gap: Brief Violence Interventions (BVI) with Community Case management services (CCMS) (EAST Injury control and violence prevention committee)
  • VCU Health’s Injury & Violence Prevention Program- Highlighting Youth Violence Prevention (VCU Health Shining Knight Gala)
  • Injury & Violence Prevention Program- A Paradigm Shift for Trauma Centers (Virginia Organization of Nurse Executives & Leaders Annual Symposium)
  • Gang violence and the medical system (Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners Annual Conference)
  • Bridging the Gap: Hospital based youth violence prevention program- Does it work? (Youth Violence Symposium)
  • Youth Violence Project- Bridging the Gap (PTS Annual congress)
  • Bridging the Gap: A program to reduce recidivism for youth admitted to the hospital (Grand Rounds: VCU Dept. of Psychiatry)
  • Youth gang violence & The health care system (Pediatrics at the Beach)
  • A Brief Violence Interventions (BVI) with Community Case management services (CCMS) are effective for high risk trauma patients (AAST Annual Conference)
  • Gang violence and the role of the trauma center (Columbian National Trauma Congress)
  • Youth gang violence and the MCV/VCU experience (VCUHS Nursing Grand Rounds)
  • Trauma Centers, Injuries & Violence Prevention Programs- the New Paradigm (Virginia trauma system oversight & managements committee meeting)
  • Trauma Centers, Injuries and Violence- the New Paradigm.
  • Urban trauma vs. Rural trauma- Should prevention efforts be similar (Word Congress of Surgery (ISS/SIC)
  • Bridging the Gap: Translating urban youth violence into prevention (VCU Trauma Conference)
  • National and local approaches to ending youth violence and recidivism (VCU Pediatric Grand Rounds)
  • Trauma Centers & the Injury Prevention Paradigm (Trauma and Critical Care Symposium)
  • Youth gang violence and the Medical System (Virginia EMS symposium)
  • Youth gang violence in the Americas; Prevention and Intervention strategies (Trauma/ Surgical Critical Care Annual Symposium)
  • Violence: Injury control and prevention (TRAUMACARE)
  • Firearms in America- The crisis continues (EAST Annual Conference)



  • VHHA HVIP Initiative
    • Training & Technical Assistance Provider
    • Member Hospital
  • Mayor’s Gun Violence Framework Planning Committee (Richmond)
    • Henrico
    • Richmond
    • Chesterfield
  • RVA Alternative Pathways
  • Inspire Workgroup

Organization Memberships & Expertise

National & International

  • The HAVI
    • HAVI certified National Training Center
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS) - Injury and Violence Prevention Committee
  • Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) -Injury and Violence Prevention Committee
  • American Association for Surgery of Trauma (AAST) - Injury Prevention Committee

State & Local

  • Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority (RRHA) - Prevention/Intervention

Major Funders - Programs

    • Bridging the Gap
    • Training & Technical Assistance
    • Project Empower
    • IVPP
  • VDSS
    • Project Empower
    • Project Empower
  • DMV
    • Project IMPACT
    • GR-ACY
    • Emerging Leaders (Inspire Workgroup)
  • RBHA
    • Project Empower
  • HHS
    • Project Empower