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Impacting Minors Perceptions & Attitudes Concerning Trauma


Project IMPACT strives to reduce and prevent unintentional injuries through a student targeted injury and violence  prevention program that provides education and  awareness about the realities of trauma.

A collaborative multidisciplinary team presents information about high risk behaviors associated with trauma and describe their respective roles in trauma response. Students engage in trauma simulations and mock scenarios. Local Fire & EMS demonstrate a vehicle extrication. Students participate in a panel discussion with a team of medical providers, law enforcement officers, and first responders.


  • Educating students about the realities of trauma associated with risk taking behaviors such as distracted driving, substance use, and teen dating violence.
  • Defining the medical and judicial consequences of choices that result in traumatic injuries.
  • Providing student’s with resources when confronted with potentially harmful situations associated with risk taking behaviors.
  • Describing the various roles of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who actively engage students in a positive manner and provide career information.

Program Outline (three hour event)

  • EMS presentation
    • Role of First Responders
    • Description of Trauma Experience
  • Alcohol / Substance Use Presentation
    • Overview of Alcohol and Substances
    • Distracted / Impaired Driving
  • Forensic Presentation
    • Teen Dating Violence
    • Evidence Collection
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney Presentation
    • Judicial consequences related to trauma
  • Simulation Stations / Student Scenarios
  • Local Fire & EMS Vehicle Extrication
  • Closing Panel Discussion


Project IMPACT has a variety of programs using modular topics to meet the needs of students, school staff, and parents.

Core Topics

Drinking & Driving
Distracted Driving
Substance Use
Teen Dating Violence
Judicial Response
Trauma Experiences

Modular Topics

Bicycle Safety
Pedestrian Safety
Helmet Safety
Water Safety
ATV Safety
Guns/Hunting Safety
School Violence

For More Information

Jerry Harris, MSW
Office: (804) 628-4607
Mobile: (804) 316-0152