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About IVPP

Our Mission:

To reduce and prevent injuries through ongoing education, research, and community outreach throughout the central Virginia region.

Our Goals:

  • To prevent injuries and violence through the implementation of evidence-based programs and the development of resources targeting populations that experience trauma.
  • To coordinate and develop injury and violence prevention programs and activities throughout the healthcare system and community.
  • To conduct research that supports the development of evidence based programs for the prevention, intervention, and suppression of injury related mechanisms and risk factors.
  • To serve as a leader for injury and violence prevention on the local, regional, national, and international level through multidisciplinary, collaborative, and evidence-based strategies.


  • To provide education on injury and violence prevention targeting trauma patients and their families to improve health outcomes.
  • To implement evidence-based injury and violence prevention programs and interventions that support behavioral and environmental changes.
  • To utilize surveillance data to monitor the prevalence of injuries within the VCU healthcare system.
  • To establish a resource center for hospital-community based unintentional and intentional injury prevention within Virginia.
  • To establish a leadership role and cultivate collaborative partnerships with other health institutions and community organizations in Virginia for the reduction of preventable injuries.

IVPP Staff


Injury & Violence Prevention Program
Box 980624
Richmond, VA 23298-0624