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Frequently Asked Questions

Call us at (804) 828- 2600 to set-up your consultation.

Can you tell me what my symptom means?

The most frequently asked questions we receive are about individual symptoms and problems, from leg pain to varicose veins to cosmetic spider vein treatments. The best answer to any question about symptoms or problems that may be related to circulatory problems is to make an appointment with your doctor or schedule a consultation at by calling (804) 828-2600. The earlier you talk to a doctor the better, before your symptoms worsen. In many cases you may be at risk for vascular disease yet have no obvious symptoms. You can find overviews of many of the vascular problems we diagnose and treat on this website. We can also answer some questions and determine if you should schedule an appointment by phone at (804) 828-2600 or email at bairdvascularinstitute@vcuhealth.org.

Where are you located?

VCU Health at Baird Vascular Institute possesses state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to conduct almost all procedures on site at our conveniently located Richmond office at 205 N. Hamilton St, between Grove Avenue and Cary Street, just off Interstate 195. Click here for detailed directions and map.

How do I make an appointment?

Call us at (804) 828- 2600 to set up an appointment. If your doctor refers you to us for tests or exams, the doctor’s office may set up an appointment for you.

Will you accept my insurance?

VCU Health accepts insurance from most carriers and from Medicare. You will need to contact your insurance provider to ensure that your particular condition and procedure are covered under your plan.

How long will my procedure take?

We are an outpatient facility, which means that with all procedures, you go home the same day. The procedures and recovery time can vary from 45 minutes to a few hours, depending on your individual case.

Who are the doctors of VCU Health at Baird Vascular Institute?

The physicians who will diagnose and treat your vascular problems at VCU Health at Baird Vascular Institute are interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons of VCU Health. Working together, their experience and expertise provide for an unequalled level of service, allowing us to visualize, diagnose and treat many vascular disorders on an outpatient basis, with virtually pain-free, minimally invasive procedures and virtually no recovery time. We are experts in image-guided vascular treatment, using advanced imaging technology and microsurgery together to provide precisely the right treatment in precisely the right place, a practice that has transformed how many vascular conditions are treated.

Meet Our Team

Do vascular exams or procedures hurt?

Most of the exams and procedures that are conducted are completely painless. However, those that may have some pain or discomfort associated with them are controlled with the use of local anesthetics and conscious sedation (medication that lets you remain awake, but unaware of any discomfort).

What is image-guided medicine?

Image-guided medicine is the use of high-resolution Doppler ultrasound, which gives us a precise, in-motion view of your veins and blood flow, or fluoroscopy (real-time, in-motion x-rays), to guide small instruments (catheters and wires) to various parts of the body through small incisions in the skin. This allows us to perform extremely precise procedures in exactly the right area, without affecting surrounding tissue, which often results in better outcomes and much shorter recovery than with traditional surgical procedures.

Is ultrasound safe?

An ultrasound exam is safe and painless – and in the hands of our experts it has made many vascular procedures safer and more effective, as well as making it much easier to diagnose vascular problems earlier and more accurately. Ultrasound uses harmless, high-frequency sound waves that echo off various types of tissue, giving us a high-resolution image of your veins and the blood moving through them in real time. VCU Health at Baird Vascular Institute is honored to have been designated as an accredited ultrasound facility by the American College of Radiology, a distinction that ensures safety, quality and service excellence.

Call us at (804) 828- 2600 to set-up your consultation.