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Better Environment, Better Health

The following items can be placed in the green recycling containers:

These items cannot be placed in the green recycling containers:

Recycling at VCU Health

We remain fully committed to providing a clean and safe environment for all of our patients, visitors and staff. We also understand the conservation of nature’s resources is important when it comes to protecting human health.

To ensure a greener future, we are taking steps every day to reduce our overall impact on the environment. In addition to adopting a smoke-free policy, we have also introduced single stream recycling and battery recycling programs throughout the hospital.

By utilizing these recycling methods hospital-wide, we can recycle more waste and create a healthier, safer environment.

Single-Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling makes recycling easy for everyone by allowing you to place all of your recyclables into one bin, removing the need to sort out plastics, cans, newspapers, magazines and other items.

How Can You Recycle?

Green recycling bins are conveniently positioned throughout the hospital. Before you dispose of your waste, check to make sure you are placing it in the correct bin. Together, we can reduce waste, offset emissions and protect the environment.

What Happens to the Waste?

Once filled, these green bags are collected by VCU Health’s Environmental Services team, along with any old corrugated containers (OCC). The green bags and OCC are taken to collection carts and then placed into a recycling compactor.

Next, the waste is sent to a local Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where the OCC and green bags are separated. The OCC is baled and shipped for recycling, and the green bags are sent through a sort line. Like materials are separated and baled for shipment before being recycled into the next new treasures!

Battery Recycling

VCU Health has also implemented a facility-wide battery recycling program. All Lithium, phone, and lead acid batteries used around the hospital are being recycled. Small battery recycling containers have been placed in designated locations around the hospital, and each type of battery is collected in a separate small container. When these smaller containers are full, they are then brought to one centralized area within the hospital where they emptied into a larger container. Due to specific regulations, Lithium batteries must be individually bagged or have their terminals taped.

When the battery containers in the centralized collection area are close to being 50% full, they are then picked up and shipped to a permitted recycling facility.

“We are excited about growing our sustainability efforts across the medical campus! Recycling within our hospital is just one of the many simple things we can do to reduce our environmental footprint.”

Larry Little
Vice president of Support Services and Planning