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OB-GYN Residents: Important Members of Your Care Team

Our OB-GYN resident physicians have graduated from medical school and are spending four years at VCU, where they are receiving excellent and essential additional specialty training in obstetrics and gynecology. 

Educating tomorrow’s clinical specialists is a unique privilege and a special responsibility for our physicians. Together, your primary doctor and the residents commit to the newest proven childbirth methods, to state-of-the-art medical care and to applying the latest research findings, so the next generation of doctors is highly qualified and effective. You and your baby in turn benefit from a higher level of quality care.

Our OB-GYN residents:

  • Are in the hospital around the clock, ensuring that a full childbirth team – including your personal physician – is on site, ready and waiting for your baby’s birth. Among local hospitals, only VCU Medical Center can make that promise
  • Are continually supervised by our staff physicians
  • Assist your doctor with your care and the delivery of your baby, performing tasks typically assigned to non-physician caregivers in hospitals without residents
  • Work closely with midwives to learn best practices of natural birth, and provide medical consultation when needed

Meet our current residents