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Discover Our Comprehensive Clinical Care Team

When it comes to planning the birth of your baby, you have many choices. You may want a natural, low-intervention childbirth assisted by a certified nurse-midwife. Or you may prefer delivery with an obstetrician and plan to have an epidural for pain relief. Perhaps you've had a prior cesarean birth and wish to deliver vaginally this time, if it's safe for you and your baby.

The expert team of doctors, certified nurse-midwives, and nurses will work with you to design the birth experience you want, guided by the best clinical practices and most current research. Because we are a leading academic medical center, our staff includes teachers and respected leaders in the field of obstetrics. Here you will find:

  • Experienced and dedicated obstetricians
  • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists to manage high-risk pregnancies and deliveries
  • Compassionate certified nurse-midwives who specialize in natural childbirth
  • A full delivery team that is on site — not just on call — at all times, prepared to provide continuous care from the moment you arrive
  • Pediatric consultation available 24/7
  • Anesthesia relief available 24/7
  • The lowest rate of cesarean births in the region
  • The highest rate of vaginal births after cesarean  (VBAC) in the region
  • A Level IV neonatal intensive care unit to provide the highest level of care, should your baby need it
  • Postpartum care that promotes a family-centered experience through: newborn care at mom's bedside, personalized room service to meet your dietary preferences and lactation consultants on site 7 days a week

If you are interested in delivering your baby under the expert care of VCU Health's doctors and nurse-midwives, please call 1-800-762-6161 or request an appointment online.