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The Healthy Baby Project: Improving Birth Outcomes for African American Women

The overwhelming majority of premature babies in Richmond are born to the city’s African American women. Preterm infants are a concern because these babies:

  • Are often unable to maintain body temperature
  • Have difficulty feeding and gaining weight
  • Can have breathing, neurologic or gastrointestinal problems, which can be permanent

The Healthy Baby Project is developing a campaign to raise awareness for the high rate of preterm births among African American babies in the City of Richmond.

The collaboration between VCUArts, VCU Institute for Women’s Health and Group Prenatal Care at VCU will:

  • Increase awareness of community resources that support pregnant women and fathers
  • Link pregnant women and fathers to community resources that support healthy babies

Through this project, graphic design students partnered with moms and dads from Richmond City to develop culturally relevant marketing materials that increase awareness around what it takes to have a healthy baby.