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VCU Health impacts from the global technology outage are stabilized. We expect little to no further impacts to patient care services. Please contact your provider if you have questions about your care.

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During Your Stay

Bonding with Your Baby

The first hours with your baby are very important, and our staff will help you become close and comfortable with your newborn before it’s time to go home.


We place all healthy newborns on their mother’s bare chest for 1 hour or until the first feeding. This skin-to-skin contact allows your baby to smell you and be close to your breast, which can make breastfeeding easier and ultimately more successful. It also enables your body to regulate your baby’s body temperature and heart rate. The emotional bonding between mom and baby that’s established during this time is critical to early infant development.


We encourage you and your baby to remain together throughout your stay, a practice called “rooming-in.” Your baby will do much better, and you will leave the hospital feeling confident about caring for your baby at home. Our breastfeeding consultants will also visit you and your baby throughout your stay, offering advice and support.

Visiting Hours

Your family, friends and doula may visit you and your baby anytime throughout your stay, unless you tell us otherwise.