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Essential Tremor

The Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center offers specialized evaluation and treatment services for Essential Tremor (ET). This is an interdisciplinary program providing consultations to meet our patients’ individual needs. We strive to integrate expert clinical care with clinical research that advances knowledge in ET.

Our care team will create an individual treatment plan for each patient. We share that with your primary care physician and any local care providers to help coordinate ongoing follow-up. Our team is available to help patients and families assess the pros and cons of medications, rehabilitative strategies, and surgical treatments, to find the best treatment plan for each person.

Treatments include:

There may also be opportunities to participate in essential tremor clinical research projects.

Clinical Research

Our clinical research projects are often conducted in the same building as clinical appointments.

For more information, please email pdcenter@vcuhealth.org or call (804) 628-2022.

What is Essential Tremor?

Essential tremor is the most common movement disorder. It is estimated to affect about 10 million Americans. The tremors affect actions such as writing, eating, drinking and typing. The tremors can range from annoying to socially embarrassing to severely disabling. Currently, there is no known cause and medications are often ineffective.


  • Shaking the hands with actions you cannot control
  • It may affect one side more than the other, and progresses slowly,
  • The shaking can affect other body parts such as the head, voice, and legs
  • The shaking often gets worse with emotional stress and may lessen with alcohol

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