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VCU Health impacts from the global technology outage are stabilized. We expect little to no further impacts to patient care services. Please contact your provider if you have questions about your care.

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See how our new Adult Outpatient Pavilion will bring a multitude of patient services together under one roof

Get a sneak peek! 

Adult Outpatient Pavilion (AOP)_artist's rendering Artist's rendering, VCU Health Adult Outpatient Pavilion

VCU Health’s new 17-story Adult Outpatient Pavilion opens in December with a multitude of outpatient services easily accessible under one roof. The structure encompasses 615,000 square feet and includes 1,000 parking spaces.

“This building is really designed and engineered and crafted floor by floor, corner by corner, bringing everything to the patient,” said Dr. Art Kellermann, senior vice president for VCU Health Sciences and CEO of VCU Health System.

“From day 1, the patient and patient experience has been in the center of all our decision making,” said Doug Arthur, M.D., Florence and Hyman Meyers Chair in Radiation Oncology, VCU Massey Cancer Center. “It has shaped the way the buildings come together to assure that all the subspecialists are all together in one area to collaborate and take care of patients together.”

Patients will find a wide array of specialties as well as diagnostic testing, medical imaging, a pharmacy and an on-site laboratory all in one building. VCU Massey Cancer Center will also move into the AOP and have its own lobby, elevator and entire floors dedicated to cancer services.   

A community of care

The entire building is an “intersection of science, of health care delivery and community all coming together,” said Dr. Robert Winn, director of VCU Massey Cancer Center. “There's wellness centers that are really trying to be engaged in a way of not just bringing medicine to the folks that entered that building but bringing health.”

Special attention has been paid to making sure the building is easy to navigate — that patients can go from one service to another quickly and easily. There will be quiet spaces to rest and recharge, as well a cafeteria and abundant parking.

“What we've come up with is a way to take care of patients that will become a model for the rest of the nation,” said Dr. Michael Rao, president of VCU and VCU Health System.

Children getting new building, too

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) will be opening its new state-of-the-art, 500,000 square foot inpatient facility for children in 2023. Visit CHoR for information on how its new “Wonder Tower” will maximize care and minimize fears for our younger patients.

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