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Patient Stories

Find our what our patients are saying about their experience at VCU Uterine Fibroid Embolization.

“Since I had my uterine fibroid embolization I’ve been feeling like a new woman. There are no more heavy menstrual periods or severe pain throughout the month — I feel great! Thank you so much!”


“All staff involved before, during and after my UFE were pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable and informative. I was treated with respect and as an individual.

During the procedure, I most enjoyed the music. I often use music to relax and this made the atmosphere during the procedure much more relaxing.”

– Lynna

“It was so painless, non-disfiguring and easy to recover from. On the issue of choosing a doctor to perform the procedure, I believe I had one of the best doctors and assistants caring for and prepping me. I was very blessed to have their care. Thank you, Dr. Prasad!”

– Donna

“This procedure has truly been good for me. I can go out to places and not worry about my clothes getting messed up. I can plan more activities, share in more joyous moments with my family. I go to work more relaxed around my cycle time. I sleep better at night and I don’t feel anemic and tired as I did prior to the surgery. I have referred young ladies for this procedure. I am overwhelmed telling people about this procedure because when someone talks about it — their pain and embarrassment — I truly feel their hurt and know exactly what they are going through.”

– Erginee

“My bleeding has gotten so much better. No more stomach pain and bloating. I really feel so much better. This was the best procedure ever.”

– Evelyn

“Both the nurse and the doctor were very informative. They took the time to explain everything to me; that helped calm my nerves down. They took good care of me even after the UFE procedure was over. I am glad I did it; my cycle is much better.”

– Yvette

“It was the best thing that I ever did!”

– Vanessa

“My UFE experience with VCU began at the free UFE discussion session. It was very informative and relieved several of my concerns. The doctor and her assistants were compassionate and patient and willing to address all my concerns. When it came time for my procedures, two assistants called to make sure I knew where to go and what I needed to do for my procedure. Everyone involved was extremely kind and informative to me and my husband. They allowed us to ask questions and take pictures before and after the procedure. The nurses were great also. I was a little disappointed when the pain dispenser machine stopped working correctly, but other than that my hospital experience went well. Taking the medication at home was very difficult for me — it may have been too much for my system to handle — but afterwards, I began to recover quickly.”

– Shana

“My overall experience with UFE through VCU was fabulous! Dr. Prasad is a world-class physician. From beginning to end, her personal approach and clear explanation of the procedure gave me confidence leading up to the final day of surgery that everything was going to be fine. The results of UFE have been quite positive as well, with shorter and pain-free menstrual cycles. My husband and family are also happier people as a result. My hope is that other women in similar situations reach out to VCU and explore this phenomenal breakthrough in women’s health services. Dr. Prasad and her amazing staff are the model of premier health care service!”

– Rosanna

“I had already told some ladies about the program and how it helped me. I went there and realized that you no longer had to have a hysterectomy. It was also a shorter hospital stay and fewer complications — sounded great. I thank Dr. Prasad for a wonderful job and thank Ginette and Dana for their support. My surgery was in 2007. When I returned in 2008, my ultrasound showed that my fibroid was gone. I am doing great. I would just like to thank the whole staff.”

– Margaret