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Benefits of UFE

Patients who undergo uterine fibroid embolization typically notice decreased bleeding, pelvic pain and pressure, and other symptoms of uterine fibroids, as well as an overall significant improvement in physical and emotional well-being.

As a minimally invasive alternative treatment option to surgery, the quick, outpatient procedure means our patients experience a prompt return to normal activities. There is no surgical removal of the uterus and virtually no blood loss. UFE may also negate the need for hormone therapy and is covered by most insurance plans.

“This procedure has truly been good for me. I can go out to places and not worry about my clothes getting messed up. I can plan more activities, share in more joyous moments with my family. I go to work more relaxed around my cycle time. I sleep better at night and I don’t feel anemic and tired as I did prior to the surgery.”

– Erginee | Read more