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Men’s Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Infertility Options

For men who are having trouble conceiving, have completed their families, or just need to improve their quality of life, we are here for you. Our Men’s Reproductive Medicine practice gives you the resources and treatment to achieve your goals.

Our specialists offer men a personalized approach to addressing fertility issues. After a complete evaluation, we outline options for treatment. Couples can come in together to our state-of-the-art facility at Stony Point 9109, where we see both men and women for testing and treatment. If you have a female partner, we will collaborate closely with her OB/GYN and our own reproductive endocrinology team.

We offer treatment and procedures for:

Men’s Infertility

For approximately 40 percent of couples who are having trouble conceiving a child, the problem is found in the male partner. Learn more about the latest changes and improvements in the field from our fellowship-trained urologists and specialists.



Vasectomy and Reverse Vasectomy

Perhaps your family is complete and you’re ready for a vasectomy. Or perhaps you didn’t plan to have more kids, but need your vasectomy reversed. Learn more about our vasectomy and reverse vasectomy options.

Hormone Management

Some men experiencing infertility may have hormone disorders, where the issue is caused by high or low levels of certain hormones. These men may benefit from hormone therapy, where adjusting hormone levels can help men conceive children.


A varicocele is the enlargement of the veins within the scrotum. It can lead to low sperm count and decreased sperm quality (motility). Some men may not require treatment, but if the condition is causing pain, health issues, or infertility, a small surgical procedure can repair the varicocele.

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