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Image Exchange Network

Our Department of Radiology partnership with LifeImage provides instant image delivery to our community of referring providers to enhance patient care and collaboration.

Patient-Centered & Provider-Focused

Technology to Advance Patient Care
Our Department of Radiology is dedicated to providing patients with the highest standard of care and innovative procedures as we are driven by our mantra “Image of Excellence.” Connectivity to our community of providers is critical for efficient data exchange that strengthens collaboration for important patient care decisions. Our community of referring providers has easy access to the highly trained, subspecialty expertise of our VCU Health radiologists.

At VCU Health, we strive to make processes as easy as possible. There is no longer a need for VPNs, CDs, DVDs or films, no software to download and learn, and no proprietary formats. We use LifeImage to rapidly and efficiently share imaging data with referring providers to improve patient care.

Image Exchange Network

Technology to Inform Referring Providers
The LifeImage Exchange Network is a digital, cloud-based solution designed to eliminate barriers to optimal patient care and coordination. The exchange is secure and easy to use.

  • Free to receive from VCU Health
  • Quick response time and fast uploads save time
  • Connect to highly-trained, subspecialty expertise
  • Ensure complete and accurate information
  • Eliminate missing images, rescheduling and reimaging

Optimized Image Transfer

Fast and Flexible to Meet Your Patient Care Needs
It’s easy to join the VCU Health LifeImage Exchange Network to receive medical imaging from our VCU radiologists:

  • Receive an invitation to join the VCU Health Network
  • Create an account

For more information on this service, please call (804) 828-3543.