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Our expert team includes specialists from gastroenterology, urology, urogynecology, colorectal surgery and physical therapy – who work hand-in-hand to treat you as a whole patient. By bringing all these expert doctors under one roof in a convenient outpatient location, we can truly provide top-notch, comprehensive care. The team is dedicated to integrated treatment of pelvic conditions, based on the latest medical evidence. In fact, our physicians and providers are at the front lines of medical research, developing new minimally invasive approaches and other options aimed at helping all patients get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.

Colorectal Surgery
Dr. Jaime Bohl
Dr. Emily Rivet
Dr. Stephen Sharp
Dr. Nicole Wieghard

Dr. J. Tyler Roseman
Dr. Adam Klausner

Dr. Linda Burkett
Dr. Ashley Carroll
Beth Lamb, NP

Women’s gastroenterology
Dr. Sasha Mangray
Ann Leggett, NP

Pelvic Pain Clinic
Dr. Katherine Czyszczon

Pelvic floor physical therapy
Reihle Kash, PT, DPT
Meghan Swenck, PT, DPT, WCS