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Smell and Taste Disorders Center


Our center is one of few centers nationwide engaged in the evaluation and management of disorders of the senses of smell and taste. The clinic sees over 100 patients per year. Members of the staff are actively involved in furthering our understanding of these disorders through both clinical and laboratory research.

Typical Visit

During a typical patient evaluation in the clinic, our team of specialists will meet with you to obtain a history of your problem. One of our specialists will perform a series of non-painful sensory tests to measure your smell and taste function. Results from these tests are helpful in evaluating the cause and severity of smell and taste disorders.

After testing you will be examined by one of our Otolaryngologist - Head and Neck Surgeons who specialize in the treatment of disorders of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck. They will review your medical history, and perform an examination of your nose and throat. The examination may include an examination of the nasal passages and throat with a flexible endoscope. Your nose will be sprayed with a numbing and decongestant medication. A lighted endoscope will then be used to look in your nose and throat. This procedure usually lasts no more than two minutes and usually causes minimal discomfort.

Once the evaluation has been completed, we will provide you with an assessment of your problem, where possible recommend a course of treatment, and answer any questions you may have. We will also send a medical report to your referring physician.

Physicians and Staff

Laurence DiNardo, MD
Evan Reiter, MD
Theodore Schuman, MD

Before scheduling your appointment

You may wish to call your insurance company to determine if your policy will cover smell and taste testing, as some do not pay for these specialized tests.