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Allergy and Sinonasal Disorders


Head and Neck Surgery provides comprehensive care for disorders of the nose and paranasal sinuses. We can provide a complete assessment of any nasal or sinus problem, including nasal breathing issues such as a deviated septum or turbinate dysfunction, bacterial or fungal rhinosinusitis, nasal allergy, benign or malignant sinonasal or skull base tumors, and cerebrospinal fluid leaks using a variety of techniques such as nasal endoscopy performed in the office setting, CT or MR imaging, and testing for inhalant and food allergies. The Department also includes one of the few Smell and Taste Disorders Clinics in the country, capable of providing specific testing for disturbances of the senses of taste and smell.

Our physicians are capable of providing the latest in medical care, including immunotherapy for allergies. However, when medical treatments are unsuccessful, we provide state of the art surgical treatment using advanced techniques and devices for these disorders including endoscopic sinus surgery, powered instrumentation, balloon sinuplasty, and computer image guided sinus and skull base surgery.

In addition, we actively collaborate with other providers at VCU Health, specifically in pulmonary critical care medicine, allergy and immunology, infectious diseases, and neurosurgery further allow our team to provide optimal and complete management of patients suffering from sinus and nasal disorders.

Physicians and Staff

Laurence DiNardo, MD
Kelley Dodson, MD
Christopher Kandl, MD
Thomas Lee, MD
Ryan Nord, M.D.
Rajanya Petersson, MD
Evan Reiter, MD
Theodore Schuman, MD