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Events and Soloists

Ft. Lee Orchestra

2020 Concert Schedule

  • Friday January 24th at 7:30 p.m. - Cathedral of the Sacred Heart fundraiser with guest solo cellist Alan Saul Saucedo Estrada and solo tenor Pablo Talamante
  • Wednesday March 11th at 7:00 p.m. - Maggie Walker side by side concert with Maggie Walker students at Maggie Walker High School
  • VCU Health Orchestra Cathedral concert on April 16th postponed due to the COVID-19 virus.
  • Wednesday October 14th at 7:30 p.m. - Firehouse Theatre Halloween with World Pediatric Foundation

Featured Soloists 2020 Season

  • Alan Saul Saucedo Estrada- Cellist
  • Pablo Talamante- Tenor
  • Tracey Welborn- Tenor
  • Anne O’Byrne- Soprano

Featured Soloists 2019-2020 Season

Tracey Welborn

2018-2019 Season

  • Spooktacular! – Firehouse Theatre 10/16/19
  • VCU Health Systems Family Care Services Annual Autumn Festival 10/25/19
  • Fort Lee Theater 11/2018
    • Military and Community outreach
  • Doorways fundraiser 12/2018
  • VCU Health Gateway Christmas Concert 12/2018
  • Veterans Affairs Christmas Concert 12/2018
  • Department of Internal Medicine Graduation Celebration 6/2019
  • Virginia Dance Festival for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond 3/2019

Featured Soloists 2018-2019 Season

The VCU Health System Orchestra has the honor of working with talented soloists who enhance our performances immeasurably.

  • Pablo Talamante
  • Lauren Tompkins

2017-2018 Inaugural Season

  • Doorways fundraiser 12/2017
  • The Doorways provides temporary lodging and an emotionally supportive environment, free of charge, to patients and families from several area Richmond health facilities
  • VCU Health Gateway Christmas Concert 12/2017
  • Dogwood Terrace community outreach concert 5/2018
  • Department of Internal Medicine Graduation Celebration 6/2018