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The Simple Sunflower: Refreshed wedding bouquets bring joy to hospitalized patients

Medical student Eleanor Love leads The Simple Sunflower, which delivers refreshed wedding bouquets to hospital patients.

Eleanor Love holding flowers in hospital hallway Eleanor Love, founder of The Simple Sunflower (Photo courtesy of Eleanor Love)

By  Mary Kate Brogan

When the vows have been said, the cake has been eaten and the DJ has played “Closing Time,” few remnants are left at a wedding but some cups and plates, a lost earring or two and some decorations — many to be thrown away. Among all the disposable items are the centerpieces, often bouquets upon bouquets of flowers, from a couple’s special day.

Eleanor Love, a fourth-year VCU medical student, has found a way to make these bouquets special twice — not just for the couple’s family and friends on the wedding day, but for patients in hospital beds at VCU Medical Center.

Love leads The Simple Sunflower, a service she founded in 2019 that delivers flowers — regifted from weddings and other events — to VCU Medical Center patients with the help of VCU Health Volunteer Services.

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 Read Eleanor's story, enjoy the pictures and see how The Simple Sunflower brings joy to VCU Health inpatients.