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Keep your heart healthy with VCU Health podcasts

Explore practical tips and the latest innovations from VCU Health to improve your heart health.

Headphones wrapped in the shaped of a heart with a pink background. Learn more about heart health this American Heart Month with the Healthy at VCU Health podcast. (Getty Images)

By Sara McCloskey

February is American Heart Month. The muscular organ -- that supposedly skips a beat when you’re in love -- is recognized every year by health care providers and national organizations to raise awareness about cardiovascular health.

Why is heart health important? You probably know someone who is affected by heart disease or is at risk of developing it. Looking at national health data, 1 in 5 people died from heart disease in 2020. About half of the people in the United States have at least one of the three key risk factors for heart disease, which include high blood pressure, high cholesterol or being a smoker.

You can learn more about heart health and specific types of heart disease from VCU Health Pauley Heart Center experts. Listen to one of these Healthy with VCU Health podcasts, where our providers share practical tips and the latest technology, innovation and research to help you be healthier.

Listen here or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

Coronary Artery Disease: How to Keep You and Your Heart Healthy

Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease in the United States. Arturo Cardounel , M.D., tells us the signs, symptoms and treatment options as well as his personal connection to the illness. Cardounel is a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Pauley Heart Center and an assistant professor of surgery at the VCU School of Medicine.

How a Healthy Aorta Keeps Your Heart Pumping

Up to 47,000 people die each year from all types of aortic disease. Daniel Newton, M.D., a vascular surgeon with VCU Health and an assistant professor of vascular surgery at VCU Medical School, explains what aortic disease is as well as how it is detected and treated.

How to Recognize, Diagnose and Treat Atrial Fibrillation

While most don’t even notice our heart pumping, some of us have irregular heartbeats. Kenneth Ellenbogen, M.D., the VCU Health Pauley Heart Center’s director of Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, shares more details about atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat that can increase your risk of stroke by five times.