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Hume-Lee transplant psychologist reflects on nearly 20 years of military service (video)

Work with frontline soldiers helps with stateside patients.

Capt. Stephan Weinland in Army fatigues

This Veterans Day is unlike any other for Capt. Stephan R. Weinland, Ph.D, (Ret.) Just weeks before the national observance to honor those who’ve served, Weinland retired after nearly 20 years of service in the United States Army.

The day of his retirement, the VCU Health transplant psychologist sat down for an interview to reflect on his nearly two decades of military service. During his time in the Army, Weinland helped train health care providers supporting frontline soldiers. He also worked directly with soldiers struggling with behavioral and mental health issues.

“There were soldiers that I helped in Kuwait. There were soldiers that I helped in Iraq — that we helped make safe or get to a safe place.” Weinland said.

At VCU Health, Dr. Weinland supports Hume-Lee transplant patients with assessment and behavioral health support before, during and after their organ transplant journeys.

“It's an honor to work with patients. It's an honor to work with soldiers. Watching people get better is a really rewarding thing to do. And the fact that VCU lets me do it, and the fact that the army let me do it, I'm actually really grateful,” Weinland said.

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