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Program Requirements

Program completion and graduation requirements for dietetic interns in either concentration are as follows: 

I.    Rotation Assignments

  • Satisfactory completion of all rotation objectives and assignments; Rotations encompass a minimum total of 1320 hours of supervised practice, and include staff relief experiences in clinical and management areas.

II.   Clinical Case Report and Presentation or Management Topic Report and Presentation.

  • Interns research, write a comprehensive report and provide a professional presentation on a clinical or management topic (depending on concentration) to staff and fellow interns.

III.  Project or Seminar

  • Interns select a project of interest and gain experience planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating a program or event.  Alternatively, interns may research and present a comprehensive seminar on a topic of interest.

IV.  Community Service Activities

  • Interns gain experience in planning and presenting nutrition information to groups outside the hospital setting, individually and as a class project.

V.    Participation in Internship Classes; Class Monitor responsibilities

  • Classes for the combined groups (August and January interns) are held approximately one day/week during selected months.  Speakers include interns, faculty, preceptors, and experts from VCU Medical Center and the Richmond community. Each intern serves as class monitor for at least one class day. For some rotations, there are additional classes and assignments specific to the rotation content.

VI.   Internship Leadership Position

  • Each intern will hold a leadership position. Examples include Community Event Chair, Legislative Coordinator, Media Coordinator, Liaison for Greater Richmond Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (GRAND), and Representative for an interdisciplinary student organization. 

VII. Nutrition and Dietetics Association memberships and activities

  • Interns attend and assist with meetings and activities of the state and local nutrition and dietetics associations (VAND and GRAND)

VIII. Mentorship Role

  • Senior interns learn about the role of a mentor, and then serve as mentors to junior interns.