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Master’s Plus DI Option

The Master’s Plus DI option is for applicants who have earned a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Verification Statement (or will before the start of their graduate coursework), and who are looking to:

  • Complete an online master’s degree, and
  • Complete an onsite dietetic internship.

This degree-granting pathway is for those applicants who require both a graduate degree and supervised practice experience together in one seamless program. All supervised practice rotation sites will be coordinated by the VCUHS Dietetic Internship, and occur onsite in Richmond, Virginia. Interns do not have to secure their own practice sites. We do not offer a part-time or distance option.

The VCUHS Dietetic Internship has partnered with the University of Wisconsin, Madison to allow for completion of their Online Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition degree, with the majority of coursework scheduled to be completed prior to the internship start date. Six (6) graduate credits towards your degree requirements can be earned through your internship experience.

Coursework will be scheduled over five (5) to six (6) consecutive semesters in this accelerated graduate program to meet both graduate coursework and internship requirements. Given the high graduate credit courseload, the internship experience will not take place until the second half of the degree program, so students can focus their efforts on their studies. It is highly recommended that interns following this pathway complete at least 18 graduate credit hours PRIOR to the start of the internship portion of study.

With the current minimum degree requirements to establish eligibility for the National Examination for Registered Dietitians at a graduate level, completion of graduate coursework after the conclusion of your internship experience may delay your ability to sit for the exam.

Those who are interested in this option should refer to Application Information and Admission Information for important details. Please also visit the University of Wisconsin, Madison website for more information about their degree program.