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Program Outline

Program Outline by Weeks*

I.       Clinical Nutrition Rotations - 16 weeks  

Medicine – 5 weeks
Critical Care/Nutrition Support – 5 weeks
Pediatrics – 2 weeks
Advanced Clinical Services – 2 weeks
Staff Relief Experience – 2 weeks
(Advanced Clinical followed by Staff Experience rotations will include one or more services: medicine, critical care/nutrition support, digestive health, oncology, burns, neuroscience, surgery, cardiovascular, transplant, outpatient oncology, or pediatrics.  Intern interests and learning needs, as well as preceptor availability, are considered for assigned area)

II.       Food Service Systems Management Rotations - 12.5 weeks

Hospital Food Service Management & Informatics – 7 weeks 
Food Service Audit – 1.5 weeks * 
Food and Nutrition Operations – 2 weeks 
Staff Relief Experience– 2 weeks

*Interns work as a group to complete an audit that will culminate in a group report to management. 

III.      Community Nutrition Rotation - 4 weeks

This rotation includes time in the VCU Medical Center, Outpatient Nutrition Services (Nutrition Clinic and specialty clinics such as diabetes, bariatrics, obstetrics, oncology and transplant), at the VCU Health Hub at 25th (group diabetes prevention program, grocery store tours and other nutrition education programs), as well as exposure to community agencies (i.e. Meals on Wheels, WIC and a community clinic). 

IV.      Advanced Administration - 3 weeks

For this rotation, interns are assigned to work with a nutrition program or division manager to gain exposure to responsibilities in leadership positions. At least one management level project will be completed during this rotation.

 V.     Specialty Rotations - 6 weeks

Specialty Rotations are planned to meet the individual needs and interests of each intern as well as concentration requirements.  Examples of specialty rotations include community and public health programs, university and K-12 nutrition programs, long term care facilities, research, wellness/fitness programs, sports nutrition, private practice, eating disorder care centers, and numerous adult and pediatric clinical in-patient and out-patient practice areas. Specialty rotations may be completed at affiliation sites or within VCU.  A minimum of one specialty rotation (2 weeks) is completed in concentration area.

VI.     Other

Personal Time Off – 14 days for vacation, interviews, etc. (For the class beginning in August, eight days are scheduled automatically in December/January.)
Sick Time – 2 days
Orientation – 1.5 weeks  Note: There are two program start dates, one in August and one in January. The specific program start dates are determined by the hospital orientation schedule.  Dietetic Interns selected for the August start date will begin within the first two weeks of August, while those selected for the January start date will begin within the last two weeks of January.  Please contact Stephanie.Stockslager@vcuhealth.org if you need more detailed information.

VII.     Substitution for Prior Learning

Incoming dietetic interns may request that prior learning experience(s) be substituted for planned rotation time. The maximum number of hours that can be substituted is 120 (not applicable for ISPP interns). The Program Director will make the decision based on the information submitted per program policy once the intern is matched to the program. Costs and expenses are not reduced for the amount of prior learning credit awarded. Please contact the Program Director for any questions related to this policy.


*Actual rotations and lengths may vary for Individualized Supervised Practice Program (ISPP) interns based upon past and current experiences evaluated through the Substitution for Prior Learning process.