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Financial Information

Estimated Program Expenses

  • Rent – $500 -$800/month/person shared or $850-$1200/person for one bedroom
  • Utilities – $75-$300/month depending on size and location
  • Gas, Tolls – varies ($25-75/week depending on rotation locations; Will need car for some rotations and meetings)
  • Parking – $3-$6/day 
  • Food – $200-$300/month
  • Internet – $40/month
  • Telephone – $60/month for cell phone
  • Washer/dryer – $20-$30/month if not included in rent
  • Misc. Rotation Expenses: additional lab work, background checks, educational materials/books/supplies/lab coat – $100-$200/year
  • Health insurance; Required – varies depending on plan
  • Clothing, medical, entertainment – $75/month (and up)
  • Start up expenses – $1,000-$2,000 (utilities start up, first month’s rent, security deposit if required)
  • Estimates of general monthly living expenses – $1,500–$2,000/month
  • AND student membership and VAND Legislation Day fee - $85
  • Program fee – $1,800

Scholarship or Stipend Opportunities

  • Ann Robbins Dietetic Internship Scholarship: Newly accepted Dietetic Interns are invited to apply for this scholarship ($300).
  • Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (VAND) Scholarship: Graduates of a Virginia college or university may be eligible to apply for VAND scholarships. See VAND Scholarships for more information.
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Scholarships: Refer to AND Scholarships for potential scholarship opportunities.
  • Central Virginia Veterans Affairs Health Care System Stipend (subject to funding): Newly accepted Dietetic Interns in the Food and Nutrition Management Concentration are invited to apply for VAMC clinical rotation placement and stipend when VAMC funds are available.

Financial Aid and Loan Deferment

There is no financial aid available for this program.  Upon request, the Program Director will write a letter/complete forms to verify the dietetic intern's status in the program, for potential loan deferment.  It is the responsibility of the dietetic intern to determine loan deferment eligibility and requirements.