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Admission Information

Selection Committees

Dietetic Internship Only Option: Selection for the Dietetic Internship is decided by a Selection Committee after review of the DICAS application materials. Members of this committee consider grade point average, related work experience, references, and the personal statement, as well as other aspects of the DICAS application. The personal statement should answer all questions on the DICAS application form. Prospective applicants with a cumulative GPA of less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale are not encouraged to apply to our program. Successful candidates applying to our Dietetic Internship usually have an overall GPA of at least 3.3, and a science GPA of at least 3.0.

Masters Plus DI Option: The selection process for the Master’s Plus Dietetic Internship option is the same as indicated above under “Dietetic Internship Only Option.” For this option only, a representative of the University of Wisconsin, Madison may serve on the Selections Committee. After selection to this option, students will be provided with additional guidance for formal admission to the University of Wisconsin, Madison Online Master of Science Clinical Nutrition program. GREs are not a requirement for admission to the program.

Partner Pathway Option: Selection for the Dietetic Internship is decided by Internship Faculty. After review of the application materials as noted by the Drexel University DPD Program Director, Internship Faculty may convene a full Selection Committee to review and rank applicants. Members of this Committee consider grade point average, related work experience, references, and the personal statement, as well as other aspects of the submitted application. 

Acceptance of Appointment

Applicants who have been notified of acceptance to the VCU Health Dietetic Internship are to call (804) 828-9108  or send e-mail to Stephanie Stockslager MS, RD, to notify us of your decision on or before 5 pm EST on the designated appointment date (March 15 for Spring appointments; November 15 for Fall appointments). The program is under no obligation to hold a spot after these dates and time.

* As a professional courtesy, all applicants who accept their appointment with VCU Health System, should notify all other programs applied to of their decision to assist in maximizing student enrollment opportunities nationwide.

Internship Program Fee + Tuition

There is an $1,800 non-refundable program fee that is due after acceptance to the program for all incoming interns. The Program Director will send fee submission instructions and deadline information upon acceptance into the program.

Master’s Plus DI Option: Tuition and fees for the University of Wisconsin, Madison's Online Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition are separate from the above Internship fee. Please visit the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s website for more information.

Pre-Admission Medical Information, Criminal Background Check, and Drug Screening 

Approximately sixty (60) days prior to the first day of your onsite Internship program orientation, Human Resources will complete a background check, and incoming interns will need to complete a pre-employment physical and drug screening. An immunization form will also be sent. This should be completed before coming to Employee Health for the pre-employment physical. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to meet these requirements prior to the start date. These are performed at no cost to our interns.

Effective September 20, 2023, VCU Health System no longer requires COVID vaccination as a condition of employment. VCU Health System strongly encourages all team members (including interns) to receive the vaccine and boosters. Be aware, some rotation sites still require the vaccine and available rotation options may be limited if not vaccinated.

DPD Verification Statement and Official Transcripts

For all applicants, an original DPD Verification Statement must be received by the Program Director prior to starting the program. Official graduate school transcripts must also be submitted to the Program Director upon degree completion. Transcripts must indicate the name of the degree and date conferred. In order to establish RD exam eligibility with the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR), the Program Director must receive finalized transcripts as noted above. Graduates will not be able to schedule their exam until transcripts are received by the Program Director. Instructions for submitting these items will take place upon acceptance into the program.

Master’s Plus DI Option: Transcripts for coursework completed in the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Online Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition program will need to be submitted to the Internship Program Director prior to Internship program completion, or upon completing all degree requirements, as noted above.

To avoid delays in establishing eligibility to complete the National Examination for Registered Dietitians, at least eighteen (18) credit hours toward this degree should be completed prior to the Internship start date. Interns will complete the remaining credits over two (2) consecutive semesters during the Internship. Six (6) graduate credits can be earned through completion of the internship experience in lieu of elective coursework.

Insurance Requirements

Dietetic interns are required to maintain personal health/medical insurance of their choosing throughout the duration of the internship experience. Health insurance is not available to dietetic interns through VCU or VCU Health, and interns are not eligible for Workman’s Compensation. Proof of health insurance will be required during Internship orientation. Coverage limits are at the discretion of each intern. Please notify the Program Director if you require any assistance in finding suitable insurance options, a list of possible resources can be supplied.

AND Membership

Dietetic Interns are required to maintain membership with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) throughout the program and must show proof of membership during orientation. As a Dietetic Intern, you are eligible for student membership status.