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Nutrition Services

Knowing the right foods to eat with your medical condition makes a big difference in shaping your long-term health. While you’re staying in the hospital, take advantage of our free nutrition services for guidance on healthy eating, which can help fuel your recovery and manage future risks.

Our team regularly participates in rounds in every area of the hospital. For patients with higher-risk conditions – such as diabetes and heart disease – we are part of your integrated care team starting on your first day.

Our registered dietitians spend time with you to learn your eating behaviors and food choices. We develop tailored education plans to help you make the smartest choices, one small step at a time. Together, we set benchmarks to gauge your progress and provide the tips, strategies and support to reach your goals. You will take home a packet of education materials (available in multiple languages) to follow after you’re discharged.

Inpatient nutrition services

Several departments have dedicated nutrition services incorporated into your overall treatment plan, so you will automatically receive visits from our dietitians. For other patients, we can conduct a nutrition assessment and provide nutrition education, based on your diagnosis, that can complement your treatment plan.

Request services

Ask your provider or care team to arrange a visit from a registered dietitian. These services are free while you are a hospital patient.

Outpatient nutrition services

Several outpatient clinics are designed for patients with specific diagnoses, and these visits might be bundled and covered by insurance as part of your overall services. You will need a referral to be seen in those clinics. We also provide special programs and classes, which have a fee, that are open to the public.

Request services

Ask your provider for a referral – eligibility is based on what is covered by your health insurance and your health condition.

Appointments and costs

Hospital patients can ask their nurse or provider to arrange a visit from our team. These services are free while you are a hospital patient.

The cost of outpatient services depends on your medical diagnosis and insurance, and you will need a referral for select services. Some nutrition clinics are considered part of your treatment plan and may be covered by insurance.