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Integrated Holistic Practice

Georgianne Ginder, Certified Health and Wellness Counselor and Holistic Therapist connects the art and science of holistic and integrative medicine and education. Since all of us are unique and no one size fit all, we can continue to benefit from ancient and current wisdom traditions in which spirit, body, mind and environment are realized -two examples are acupressure and proper nutrition.

Georgianne Ginder, Certified Health and Wellness Counselor and Holistic Therapist, sitting at table talking to a woman

Benefits and Practices

  • Nutritional consolations and holistic nourishment; journaling and poetry; story writing and telling for all ages
  • Transcutaneous acupuncture
  • Meditations…Including guided imagery; balancing breathing; Qi gong
  • Chi Rio™ energy work in person (groups also) or by phone
  • Japanese acupressure (Jin Shin Jyutsu™)
  • Deep listening and grief counseling
  • Distance healing

Call (804) 248-2627 to schedule a free 30-minute conversation or to schedule a visit.

Caring to Care with Georgianne Ginder - Join Arts in Healthcare's Health and Wellness Counselor, Georgianne Ginder, for a discussion about the Art of Healing.