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Art Instruction

Upon receiving a patient referral, our Arts Coordinator will visit the patient and have an open discussion about what their interests are, limitations, and what they desire to receive while working on their art projects. Would they like to pass the time? Are they anxious or nervous about a procedure? Is their a holiday coming and they would like to create something to celebrate? Once that has been discussed, supplies will be delivered.

Art material options include but are not limited to clay, painting, printmaking, sewing, jewelry, mosaic and other mixed media. All services are free of charge.

Arts Coordinator with pediatric patient, 2021
Arts Coordinator with pediatric patient, 2021

Possible Benefits of Art Instruction

  • A patients stay is shortened when art is part of their care.
  • Art is highly effective in easing anxiety and depression.
  • Can inspire health and wellbeing.
  • Creates therapeutic engagement between healthcare workers, while reducing tension in the workplace.
  • A welcome distraction for team members, patients, and their family members.

Patient's last day of admission, 2019
Patient's last day of admission, 2019

Art Refresh | Self-care Painting Break

Request Services

Our Arts Coordinator visits inpatient and outpatient units regularly. You can receive a consultation by asking your medical team for a referral or by emailing alexis.shockley@vcuhealth.org. You may also fill out the patient referral form on your own behalf and email/fax.

For more information, call (804) 828-1771.